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Contoh Kalimat Exspressing Possibility

contoh Kalimat Exspressing Possibility

Exspressing  Possibility

1.Buatlah kalimat right, example exspressing  posibility
A.        Ability (Kemampuan)

1.         Can (Dapat/ Bisa)

Contoh Kalimat:
Can you help me?
2.         Be able to + Verb (Dapat/ mampu)

Contoh Kalimat:
I must be able to do the assignment.

3.         Managed, Succeeded (Berhasil)

Contoh Kalimat:
He managed to get much money. (Artinya: Dia berhasil mendapatkan banyak uang)
4.         Could (Dapat)

Contoh Kalimat:
I could pass the examination. (Artinya: Saya dapat lulus ujian)

B.        Possibility (Kemungkinan)

1.         Menggunakan Adjectives: Probable, likely, possible. (Mungkin)

Contoh Kalimat:
It is probable that tomorrow I’ll visit my Aunty.

2.         Menggunakan Adverbs: Probably, possibly. (Mungkin)

Contoh Kalimat:
Probably, I will accept him again.

3.         Menggunakan Nouns: Probability, Likelihood, possibility. (Kemungkinan)

Contoh Kalimat:
There is probability that my father will go now.

4.         Perhaps, Maybe (Mungkin)

Contoh Kalimat:
Perhaps, he wants you to go to the party.

5.         May/ be going to + Verb (Mungkin/ akan)

Contoh Kalimat:
His love may or may not be true.

2.Exspressing capability

Capability / ability digunakan untuk mengungkapkan kemampuan /
kesanggupan / kebiasaan.
I can swim free style well
I can’t either speak Japanese
or Chinese.
3.  Expressing Necessity (Mengekspresikan Kebutuhan) menggunakan "Must, Have to, dan Have Got to"
All applicants must take an entrance exam.
All applicants have to take an entrance exam.
I have got  to go now. I have a class in ten minutes.
He has to go to now. I have a class in ten minutes.

4.Exspressing of surprasyise
SURPRISE EXPRESSION i adalah suatu perasaan seseorang kepada orang maupun benda ada yang mengungkapkan expresi dengan berbagai cara
Berikut ini contoh-contoh ungkapannya:
No, I don't believe it.
Are serious?
Are joking?
Are you kidding?
You must be joking.
Oh, no. That's not true.
It's surprising that.....
What a surprise!
This really surprise!
5. Exspressing of certainty
Certainty (kepastian) is the state of being completely confident or having no doubt about something.However, uncertainty (ketidakpastian) is when nothing is ever decided or sure. (Kepastian adalah keadaan yang benar-benar percaya diri atau tidak memiliki keraguan tentang sesuatu. Namun, ketidakpastian adalah ketika tidak ada yang pernah memutuskan atau yakin)

Contoh :

Will Andre to the today's meeting?     
(Akankah Andre datang ke pertemuan hari ini?)        

Expressing Certainty:  
Yes, I'm absolutely sure he will. (Ya, saya sangat yakin)
example dialogue Exspressing of certainty
A: Hi, L! Good morning!
L: Hello, A! Good morning!
A: What do you think if we decorate our class?
L: That's good idea, make a wall magazine I think.
A: Are you sure?
L: Yes, certainly. Our class look nice if there is a wall magazine.
A: Well it is possible I suppose it but I doubt it.
L: So, what do you think?
A: Why do not we buy flowers for our class?
L: Oh, I do not think so. It is expensive.
A: You are right, but we can collect money.
L: I doubt it. I'm broke now. I do not think can get enough money.
A: Yeah, come on. I can lend you the money if you want.
L: Really?
A: Of course.
L: Thank you very much.
A: Do not mention it.
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